CityMind Group

CityMind specializes in helping small-to-medium businesses improve their operations through custom-built software.

The small-to-medium (STM) business faces unique challenges. STMs are confronted with large businesses attacking their markets and other STMs clamoring to take market share. In order to survive and thrive, STMs need a strategy of excellence. According to the authors of the book, "The Discipline of Market Leaders", there are only three basic business strategies:

  • Operational excellence
  • Product innovativeness
  • Customer intimacy

Market leaders of whatever size tend to focus overwhelmingly on one strategy while maintaining acceptable thresholds of the other two. Focus provides results. Market followers, on the other hand, disperse their efforts, trying to implement multiple strategies.

Still, even with focus, many firms fail to benefit from a well thought-out strategy. According to a recent Wharton School of Business article, the cause for failure lies in inadequate execution.

We are custom software designers who work with STMs to provide effective execution of their strategies through technology.