Our Process

CityMind follows a tried and true workflow for all of our design and development projects. We make a concerted effort to simplify the process for all of our clients and we pride ourselves on being easy to work with. This includes managing your project in an efficient and thoughtful manner, allowing you to manage the day to day operations and leaving the technical details to us.

Project Briefing

Every project starts with a project briefing. During this initial consultation, we ask you targeted questions designed to discover your business offering, your goals, your requirements, and your desires.

Before we meet with you, it is helpful to gather some materials that describe what you want and what you need. Such materials include your budget and the timeline for the project. As an added service to all of our potential clients, we have included a Request for Proposal Form that you can download and use as a guide to help us gain insight into your project.

Research & Strategy

After the project briefing, the next step is to research and gather data. We analyze a number of factors during this process, including your competitors, your market audience, and the latest technology available. Research allows us to gain an idea of your competitor’s offering and how you can compete with your competitors.

Once all of the relevant data is gathered, we devise a comprehensive strategy that addresses your business goals and needs, all while elevating your business offering above the competition. Not only will your website be on the cutting edge, but you will also have the tools and knowledge to keep you ahead of the competition.

Concept & Architecture

During the concept phase, we take all relevant information and strategy that we gathered during the briefing and research stages, and construct an outline (site map) of your site. We also determine any useful technologies (modules) that will be useful in increasing the functionality of your website, making your website as effective as possible.

Once a concept is in place, we commence to work on the architecture of the website. This includes such tasks as sketching the visual design and identifying page types. During this phase, we solicit feedback from you concerning the design, allowing you to have a say in how your website looks.

Development and Coding

The step where we work our magic. We take the design and slice it into functional code using a variety of programming languages, depending on what the design calls for. These tasks also include optimization of the website for search engine visibility and cross-browser testing to ensure your website reaches the widest possible audience.


When necessary, the development and coding stage also involves incorporating the content management system (CMS) that you will use to add and edit web pages. In addition, modules identified during the concept and architecture phase are configured and installed into the website.


Content Integration, Testing & Training

Since a website without content is not much use, after the coding is done, content is added to the website, including text, photos, logos, videos, and any other relevant material. The website is then tested in front of a sample user audience and measured for navigation, functionality, and ease of use, with adjustments made as needed.


With the final version of the website nearing completion, we sit down with you and train you in using your new website. This includes knowing how different modules work, setting up your website email, and how to use your new content management system (if applicable). Once you are comfortable with your new website, we transfer the website to a “live” server and your website appears before the world!


As experienced web designers and developers, we know that questions will occasionally come up, both during the process and after the website is completed. We stand ready to answer any of your questions with patient understanding, as well as facilitate the smooth transition from development to deployment and beyond.


If you would like to experience a whole new level of service and professionalism in connection with your online presence needs, contact CityMind today.