ColdFusion is a programming framework / language owned by Adobe which allows for quick application development through a series of pre-programmed tags. ColdFusion allows for further functionality through the use of custom tags that can be developed, used and shared among other ColdFusion developers.

coldfusion.pngSome sample applications that make ColdFusion useful are e-commerce sites; online real-estate listing websites; online calendars; online newspapers and newsletters; dynamically driven image galleries; full text search of Microsoft Word Documents, Adobe PDF files, text files and many others; and many other applications.

The real power of using ColdFusion comes through its ability to interact with a variety of database programs such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access, MySQL and others. Through ColdFusion, you can add, update, delete & select and display information contained in these databases. This allows for the ability to have your data with you wherever you have access to the internet. The data can be as secure as you wish through a variety of layers including ColdFusion security and Microsoft Native Security. You can further secure your website & data through the use of a hardware firewall in front of your database server.

ColdFusion allows for ultimate mobility through its ability to communicate & display information in XML format for communication with many legacy systems.

ColdFusion is a powerful application tool for website developers to provide stable applications for today's internet savvy client.

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