Website Development

What Do You Want Your Website To Do?

Why do you need a website?

Most answers to this question come in the form of, “Everybody else has one” or “Somebody told me that I need one”. Spending your hard-earned profits on something just because everybody else is doing it is the surest way to ruin.

A great website comes with a great strategy. Do you want to offer better customer service? Need to generate sales leads? Strengthen your brand and message? Educate your customers about your product or service?

A great website can accomplish any of these tasks. It can even accomplish all of them, if (and that’s a BIG “if”) it is expertly designed.

However, a poor website will attempt to perform all of the above, accomplish none, and hurt your company’s image.

Today's web users are savvy. They know what they are looking for, they expect quick answers to their questions, and they expect to transact real business on your website, with ease and efficiency.

CityMind understands what your users want. That is why we offer affordable modules to enhance your site's interactivity, such as:

  • real estate sales

  • e-commerce systems

  • photo galleries

  • reservation tracking

  • newsletter creation

  • customer feedback

  • product detail information

The Best Technology Done Right

Your business decisions will be the most important part of the strategy behind your website. What do you want to accomplish? Who is your target market? What action(s) should your users take? What will draw them? What will keep them coming back?

Before we write a single line of code, we meet with you (at no charge) to discuss your business needs and prepare a plan that gives you the results you want. While our price will vary depending on your requirements, you will understand where your money is being applied and why it is necessary before we do anything for you. That is business strategy.

Our vision is to translate your business needs into software solutions. Even the best-made website won't help if your website is too slow (visitors will go elsewhere), works in one web browser but not another (very common), or requires users to download special software (most won't). Our solution involves building a solid foundation that eliminates these problems, while providing an enriching user experience and enhancing your brand and organizational image.

CityMind’s content management solutions allow you to easily add, edit, and update pages without alienating your audience or the search engines. We've mastered the technology of the web, allowing you to focus on the most important part of your business: your customers. Allow us to show you how technology can work to improve your business.