MeTextYou - Sarasota, FL

metextyou_design.jpgServices Provided: Website Design,Application Development,Website Architecture,Business Solutions,Content Management System Implementation

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CityMind worked hand in hand with the client to develop a custom Mobile Messaging web app in conjunction with one of the national cell pass through aggregators. Along with the web app development, CityMind developed a custom design and integrated our Content Management System (Take Control).

The business was started by two local small business owners looking for a low cost way to communicate with their customers. The other challenge they faced was the time it took to get a promotion or offer out to their customers!

Local Papers and magazines are expensive and needed long lead times, no good if a new product arrived today or if the store was quiet and an immediate offer was required to stimulate some business today and not next month...

One partner was previously a manager in International Telecommunications and the other partner was in sales & marketing with Blue-chip corporations.

The be-spoke software that we use has been custom designed for TextMyServices, LLC and is used with this site and